Pultrex News

  • SheltAir Praise Pultruded Rods Manufactured by Pultrex

    SheltAir is a pioneering pavilion that uses air filled cushions to rapidly erect elastic gridshells. The innovative design, developed by Gregory Quinn, has the potential to speed up the construction of large-span shells – promising groundbreaking changes to construction costs and efficiency. This could be of vital importance to the humanitarian sector where rapid deployment […]

  • Exciting Staff Changes at Pultrex

    Pultrex has a reputation for providing outstanding customer care, as well as supplying some of the best filament winding and pultrusion machines to customers the world over. In our commitment to maintain such high standards, there have been some changes at HQ. Welcoming our new Sales and Marketing Assistant, Rebecca de Winter Rebecca joined Pultrex […]

  • CAMX 2017 Here We Come

    Pultrex will be at the CAMX Composites and Advanced Materials Expo at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from Sept 11th to 14th 2017. Come along to meet Pultrex MD, Colin Leek and Sales Coordinator, Cathy Cannings who will be more than happy to tell you everything you need to know about our […]

  • Pultrex join EU funded consortium – H2020 ambiliFibre

    Check out the project website at – www.amblifibre.eu The mission of ambliFibre is to develop and validate the first model-based laser-assisted tape winding system for the manufacture of tubular thermoplastic FRP parts. The key elements being Inline quality monitoring systems. Easily manageable Human Machine Interface [HMI][/HMI]. Novel integral machine and process simulation models. Innovative system-reconfiguration […]

  • Pultrex awarded contract to supply Mini-Winding Machine to existing Slovenian customer.

    Pultrex have been awarded a contract from an existing Slovenian customer to supply a 4 axis Mini-Winding machine complete with Tension Control and Resin Impregnation systems. This manufacturing package complements 2 existing Pultrex pultrusion machines and replaces an existing Pultrex filament winding installation supplied during the late 1980’s. The 1S-4NC-500D-400L Mini-Winder is equipped with the […]

  • Discover what we’re all about – a quick guide to our Pultrusion and Filament Winding Machinery

    We are proud to say that Pultrex is a market leader in Composite technology! We have been providing Pultrusion and filament winding machinery of the highest quality for decades and believe that our machinery provides customers with an up to date, efficient, effective and reliable service for producing pultruded, pullwound, and filament wound products. We […]

  • Pultrex Profile Range

    Here at Pultrex, we offer a wide and varied range of pultruded and pullwound profiles to suit all needs. Our profile range includes solid rods and tubes in eighteen different sizes, twelve box sizes, eleven channel sizes, nine sizes of flat bars and two different angle profiles. Special pultruded profiles are also available such as […]

  • The history of pultrusion

    The History of Pultrusion

    What is Pultrusion? Pultrusion is the most efficient method of strengthening polymer products with high performance fibres- such as fibreglass. Instead of pushing, or extruding, the polymer, Pultrusion calls for the product to be pulled through a resin bath and then through a heated die in order to maintain control and uniformity of the fibres […]