Pultruded Box Section

  • Pultruded Box Section


    Pultrex can design and manufacture fibreglass pultruded box section profiles to your exact specifications. We will work alongside you, establish your requirements, and deliver the pultruded products tailored to your application.

    Fibreglass pultruded box section profiles are suited to a wide range of composite profile applications, including handrail systems, gates and much more. They are the preferred to steel and aluminium equivalents as they tend to be less heavy whilst retaining a superior strength to weight ratio.

    In addition; pultrusions are resistant to the effects of both weather and corrosion and exhibit a low thermal conductivity. You can rest assured you will not be disappointed when using our service. Pultrex use cutting edge machines and have over 40 years of experience in the industry. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

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  • Available Products (Dimensions mm)

    • 32W x 32D x 3 Wall Thickness
    • 35W x 28D x 2.5 Wall Thickness
    • 38W x 38D x 3 Wall Thickness
    • 44W x 44D x 3 Wall Thickness
    • 44W x 44D x 6 Wall Thickness
    • 51W x 51D x 3 Wall Thickness
    • 51W x 51D x 5 Wall Thickness
    • 51W x 51D x 6.35 Wall Thickness
    • 58W x 25D x 3 Wall Thickness
    • 64W x 27D x 4 x 2 Wall Thicknesses
    • 72W x 28D x 4 x 2 Wall Thicknesses
    • 80W x 20D x 5 Wall Thickness

    Typical Applications and Uses

    • Ladders
    • Decking
    • Roof Trusses
    • Handrails
    • Bridge Members
    • Stanchions