Mandrel Extractors

For Filament winding equipment

Mandrel Extractors

The Pultrex Filament winding mandrel extractor is based around a “stepping” stripper plate moving down a ridged bed.

The system comprises four mandrel support carriages, two before the stripper plate for the un-stripped mandrel and composite and two after the stripper plate for the mandrel as it is removed from the composite.


  • The stripping plate carriage is manually moved down to the carriage end of the extractor.
  • The mandrel is supported on two mobile supports and is passed through the stripping plate and attached to a reciprocating puller carriage, which is hydraulically operated.
  • The automatic counter is set for the length of the mandrel and the extractor is started.
  • The hydraulic system pushes the reciprocating carriage, which in turn pulls the mandrel through the stripper plate leaving the composite behind.
  • The stroke of the carriage is approximately 500mm.  Once the stroke is completed the hydraulics reverse moving the carriage, mandrel, stripper plate carriage and composite backwards.
  • The stripper plate carriage is designed to travel along the extractor bed and has one way latching stops along the length of the bed.
  • The stripper plate carriage latches into a new position before the hydraulics reverse and another pull is taken.
  • This reciprocating action of the puller carriage causes the stripper plate carriage to “walk” down the extractor bed extracting the mandrel from the composite as it goes.
  • Chains pull out two mandrel support carriages as the stripper plate carriage moves down to support the extracted mandrel.

Standard specification:

  • Extraction force – 50 tonnes
  • Extraction diameter up to 900mm dependent on stripper plate
  • Extraction length up to 12000mm mandrels

The system is supplied with the 4 mandrel support carriages excluding the mandrel specific support boards, these will be dependent on the mandrel and composite diameter.

The mandrel carriage has support for stripper plates up to 900mm in diameter but the system excludes the mandrel specific stripper plates, these will be dependent on the mandrel diameter.