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iPul Pultrex Pultrusion Machine Carbon TT CFRP Chassis

iPul Pultrusion Technology for Carbon TT- Full Performance Unleashed



The future of the automotive industry might well rely on carbon-fibre solutions – not only to offset the weight gain of battery powered transportation, but also to meet rigid requirements for sustainability, efficiency and safety for vehicles powered by battery and hydrogen fuel cells. Pultrex has recently reported on the importance of using composites for […]

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Saving Weight With Composites In Commercial Vehicles



  Pultrex has recently finished a project with an automotive company working on lightweight components for commercial vehicles to make up for the weight gain of battery powered transportation.  There is no denying that adding battery power to vehicles comes with a substantial weight gain – something that automotive companies are looking to address. So, […]

Thermoplastics – The Future Of Car Manufacturing



To keep ahead of the competition, manufacturers of automotive components are looking to move from traditional materials such as steel and aluminium to lightweight composite alternatives. Less weight on body and transmission components means that more technology can be added without increasing overall weight – ergo exhaust emissions – helping the manufacturers comply with increasingly […]

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