Resin Impregnation Systems

For Filament winding equipment

Resin Impregnation systems


  • Adjustable “Doctor Blades” to control resin pick-up
  • Optional thermostatically controlled resin bath
  • Optional Interface (Integrated Manufacturing System)

Impregnated Method

  • The system is designed to receive rovings or tows of fibres from a fibre tension control system. The fibres pass over the freely rotating drum which is partially immersed in the optional heated resin bath. The fibres with the correctly controlled resin ratio are then ready for Filament Winding.


The unit is designed to be used with a Compact spindle tension systems and shares a common supporting framework when used in its free-standing configuration. The framework is fitted with swivelling castors and levelling screws to secure it in position.  It shares a common control cabinet and panel with the Tension system.
A framework supports the components of the system and comprise:


This is a hollow aluminium cylinder mounted on a free running spindle.  It can be easily removed for cleaning.

Doctor Blade

This has find adjustment to give the required resin film thickness on the drum.

Note:  When fitted with the IMS Interface option, the doctor blade has two adjustable settings.  An air cylinder moves the doctor blade against the setting screws by manual or computer command.

Resin Bath

The resin bath is supported and can be heated by an operational electrically heated aluminium platen which provides thermostatically controlled resin temperature.  It can be adjusted vertically by means of a handwheel.
Note:  As an alternative, a jacketed resin bath can be provided that can be connected to a
re-circulating hot water system.

Pivoting Arm

The vee rollers that guide the fibres before and directly after the drum are mounted on a pivoting arm.  The arm can be raised to allow thread up of rovings, bringing them clear of the drum.


The control panel is fitted with a temperature controller for use with the optional heated platen.  The electrical requirement is for 220/240V A.C. single phase 2KW.


Optional interface for IMS (Integrated Manufacturing System).
When fitted with the IMS option, with two position doctor blade, the controls include switches for  selecting Manual  or Automatic  operation.
When in Manual  a second switch selects High  or Low  positions for the doctor blade.  When in Automatic  the position is controlled by an external electrical signal, typically from the CNC Control.  When in this mode indicator lights show status, High  or Low