Discover what we’re all about – a quick guide to our Pultrusion and Filament Winding Machinery

We are proud to say that Pultrex is a market leader in Composite technology! We have been providing Pultrusion and filament winding machinery of the highest quality for decades and believe that our machinery provides customers with an up to date, efficient, effective and reliable service for producing pultruded, pullwound, and filament wound products. We want to make it easier for our customers and prospective customers to understand exactly which services we provide, so have written this quick guide to our machinery…

Pultrusion Machinery

We are experts when it comes to Pultrusion, Pultrex have been producing pultruded profiles for over thirty-five years. Our range consists of seven different sizes of standard Pultrusion machines, all of which have different pulling forces, profile clamp forces, pulling and cutting dimensions to suit specific composite needs. They also all come with the ability to vary the speed with which composite product is pulled.

Pultrex can supply the most basic of Pultrusion machines but are also able to cater for customers who require complete turn-key systems with all the necessary elements for them to start producing composite products straight away! This turn-key system could include profile evaluation; our own personal recommendations for the most suitable machine suitable; resin mixing equipment; Infra-red ovens; take off tables, laboratory and test equipment, and all other items of ancillary equipment!

Filament Winding Machinery

As well as Pultrusion machinery, we offer an excellent range of machinery for creating high quality, high performance Filament wound products. Firstly, the MODwind Machines, which Pultrex have been selling for over thirty years. These are normally multi spindle, multi axis machines that allow us to tailor the machine to your needs. A main benefit of this machine is that it reduces engineering and design costs and raw material costs- keeping production as efficient as possible. By keeping the raw material requirement to a minimum, these machines are also key in the development of sustainable products and reducing waste.

Secondly, we provide Miniwinder and Lab Winding machines. Miniwinders are small, space efficient yet durable and are perfect for producing a high volume of products. The Lab winding machines are specifically (but not exclusively) designed for Research and Development facilities, as well as educational establishments such as university engineering departments. These machines are upgradable, meaning that additional axes can be fitted, rather than having to purchase a new machine.

We also offer Pipewinding machines, which can have with either one or two spindles in parallel, and include: headstock; rails bed; tailstock; carriage assembly; and a motion control system. Our pipe winding machines are extremely low maintenance, and the motion control systems are easy to programme.

To complement our range of Filament Winding Machines, we also offer:

• Data Acquisition systems which aid process monitoring and provide a manufacturing record and product traceability
• Resin Impregnation systems to control resin application
• Mandrel Extractors
• Fibre tension systems

All of which can help make the Filament Winding process even more effective and efficient!

A brief guide to the machines produced and manufactured at Pultrex. Take a look at our website for further information and details of our products.

If you have any queries then give us a call on +44 (0) 1206 395559. Alternatively, head over to our ‘Contact Us’ page, where you can fill out a simple form and have your questions answered by a member of our experienced team.

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