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Machine Capacity

  • Number of Spindles – One or Two in Parallel
  • Maximum Mandrel Diameter – 600mm, 1200mm, 2400mm, 3700mm
  • Maximum Mandrel Length – 3000mm, 6000mm, 9000mm, 12000mm

Features of the Machine

  • CNC – Motion control system with easy programmable operator panel
  • Low maintenance

Construction The machine is of standard PULTREX format with the following machine elements:

  • Headstock
  • Bed Rails
  • Tailstock
  • Carriage assembly
  • Motion control system

Taking these elements in order:

Headstock This is a rigid steel structure containing the main spindle, speed reduction and drive motor.

Spindle The main spindle is supported in two bearing units.  The spindle has a flange on its front allowing fitment of mandrel drive systems.

Spindle drive A – Axis  The spindle is driven by an AC 3 phase motor fitted with encoder feed back.  The drive is via a direct coupled reduction gearbox.  The maximum spindle speeds vary depending on mandrel diameters.

Bed Rails The bed rails are steel fabrications made from a rigid steel section.  The bed rails give location for the carriage wheels and carriage drive system.  The bed rails are fitted with levelling screws and provision is made to secure it to the floor.

Foundations No special foundations are required for this machine.  The floor should have a minimum of 150 mm thickness of reinforced concrete.  Provision is made for securing the machine to the floor with bolts.

Tailstock The tailstock is a steel fabrication with roller steadies. It has a fixed position to accommodate mandrel lengths.

Mandrel support The tailstock has two rollers mounted on its top surface to support and locate the winding mandrel.

Carriage The carriage has urethane covered roller bearings that run on the main bed rails.  The carriage is driven by the main X carriage drive motor. This is the X axis.

Resin Impregnation Mounted to the top surface of the carriage is the resin impregnation system.

This is a drum type system and has the following features:

  • Adjustable doctor blade for the resin drum
  • Fibre guidance system for the rovings

Horizontal axis A feed eye system is fitted to the end of a manually horizontally adjustable arm.  This system accommodates the varying mandrel diameters.

Control The machine is controlled by a Motion Control system.  This is in a sealed IP56 cabinet on the PIPEWINDmachine.  The cabinet contains the LCD display, keypad, and the motor control drives.  Interface is provided for external computer connection.  The control is a standard industrial system, which interfaces through Pultrex-designed magnetics.

Interlocks/Limit switches The linear axis of the machine is fitted with three limit switches.  Two end (over-travel) switches.  One Home (reference) switch.

Safety Interlocks  Provision is made for connecting safety interlocks and duplicate machine START/STOPlocations. Two levels of STOP interface are provided.

1. Stop  – This stops the machine during running without loss of position or program. Typically this would be connected to an infra-red beam system or any other safety device.

2.  Emergency stop – This kills power to the servo drives and should only be used in a true emergency situation.

Creel frame The creel frame is designed to carry 48, 60, 96 or 192 spools of 2400 tex internal unwind fibres.

Maximum spool size is: Outside diameter 300mm

  • Height – 270mm
  • Maximum weight – 25Kg

The creel consists of four layers of spools.  The shelves are manufactured from varnished plywood and fitted with fibre guides. The framework is a welded and screwed angle iron structure.  Each fibre is individually guided through the creel to a central distribution area.  Tension on the fibres is obtained by adjustable steel bars. Power requirements  Electrical power :  This will be in accordance with the users location and  machine specification.