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  • Pultrex join EU funded consortium – H2020 ambiliFibre

    Check out the project website at – www.amblifibre.eu The mission of ambliFibre is to develop and validate the first model-based laser-assisted tape winding system for the manufacture of tubular thermoplastic FRP parts. The key elements being Inline quality monitoring systems. Easily manageable Human Machine Interface [HMI][/HMI]. Novel integral machine and process simulation models. Innovative system-reconfiguration […]

  • Pultrex awarded contract to supply Mini-Winding Machine to existing Slovenian customer.

    Pultrex have been awarded a contract from an existing Slovenian customer to supply a 4 axis Mini-Winding machine complete with Tension Control and Resin Impregnation systems. This manufacturing package complements 2 existing Pultrex pultrusion machines and replaces an existing Pultrex filament winding installation supplied during the late 1980’s. The 1S-4NC-500D-400L Mini-Winder is equipped with the […]

  • Development Technician Appointed

    Pultrex proudly announce the appointment of a Development Technician – Mr Tony Frater, an engineering graduate from Middlesex University, joined Pultrex in July 2015 complementing the existing engineering team. Tony will be responsible for developing filament winding and pultrusion processes, focussing specifically on thermoplastic and polyurethane technology. This initiative reinforces Pultrex’s commitment to product development […]