How UK’s Only Pultrusion Machine Manufacturer Became A Global Supplier

The UK’s Only Pultrusion Machine Manufacturer Is A Global Supplier – Find Out Why…

Pultrusion is a pretty specialised process, and if you know much about the engineering behind it, you’ll know that the manufacture of these awesome machines is a pretty niche business too. It may come as no surprise then that there is only one manufacturer of these machines in the UK, but did you know that we are supplying globally, even in countries that have their own pultrusion machine manufacturers?


Here is how… 

Pultrex supply pultrusion machines worldwide. Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, America, Germany, and Italy are the first countries that come to mind, and we supply to UK markets too. While it makes sense for UK companies to choose a UK manufacturer, what about companies in Germany, America and China who produce their own machines? The answer lies in expertise, experience and quality.


Entrepreneurial Engineers

The entrepreneurial engineers behind Pultrex have been at the forefront of the Pultrusion industry since this type of process emerged, making us the go-to guys for solutions that will last. Quality and performance is key, especially when you aim to be the “Rolls Royce” of the Pultrusion market supplying to automotive, aerospace, defence, and civil and construction industries.


40+ Years As Market Leader

For over 40 years Pultrex has been recognised as a market leader in composite technology – it’s this kind of expertise that others in the industry look up to. So while we manufacture and supply to companies worldwide, other manufacturers turn to us to improve their manufacturing capabilities.


We Make Filament Winding Machines Too

Pultrex is also the only UK manufacturer of filament winding machines, but again we use that expertise to offer in-house support for companies developing their own filament winding machinery to meet their niche needs.


If you are interested in finding out more about how we supply our machines worldwide, or about the consultancy and support we can offer our customers – get in touch or make a date in your diary for one of the upcoming Expos we’ll be attending:


CAMX in Orlando, Florida. Sept 11th – 14th 2017

JEC Asia, Singapore. November 2017

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