The Science Of Shipping Heavy Machinery Worldwide

The Science Of Shipping Heavy Machinery Worldwide


The logistics of shipping 7 tonnes of machinery across the world isn’t something you arrange with your local Hermes carrier – especially when the cargo is 17 metres long and 3 metres wide!  Here is an insight into what it takes to get our pultrusion and filament winding machines to customers all over the globe.



  • Pultrex machinery can be between 2 and 7 tonnes in weight
  • Filament Machines measure up to 17m x 3m
  • Pultrusion Machines typically come in at 12m x 1m
  • Most products are modular, shipped in 3m long sections


Only the small filament winding machines are shipped as one unit. The bulk of Pultrex products are large, and are modular in design with sections about 3m long maximum. These machines are packaged separately then re-assembled on site by Pultrex engineers. Reassembly typically takes 10 days.


UK deliveries are normally made on a standard 40ft articulated lorry. The machine is packed into cases then hoisted onto the vehicle. Occasionally for very large machines we need to use a low loader.


International deliveries are vacuum packed and placed in a wooden case. If machines are sent by airfreight a specific packing method is necessary to ensure there is no movement whatsoever inside the crate – you wouldn’t want a 7 tonne pultrusion machine moving around on take-off! If a product is to be shipped by water Pultrex ensure that the goods are packed to prevent any ingress of salt water, and if the goods are travelling on potentially uneven roads then the packaging will be beefed up to add extra protection.


All cases are packed with Container Desiccant. This is essentially the same as the silica gel packs that are used in packaging to protect shoes, cameras, and bags, but on an industrial scale. Container desiccant is designed to protect the contents of shipping containers from high humidity, also known as container rain – essential in protecting the sophisticated components in Pultrex machinery.


Shipping takes anywhere between 2 days and 4 weeks. A typical time for a shipment to reach the Orient by sea is 4 weeks, the USA around 2 weeks, and Europe could take a week. Airfreight means Pultrex can deliver to clients anywhere in the world in as little as 2 to 3 days – essential if the machinery is needed in a hurry.


Examples of Recent Deliveries


Where: Saudi Arabia

How: Airfreight

What: Filament winding machine

Size: 3m x 2m x 2m

Weight: 3 tonnes


Where: Korea

How: Airfreight

What: Pultrusion machine

Size: 6 cases ranging in size from 4m x 2m x 2m, to 1300mm x 900mm x 600mm

Weight: 6.15 tonnes


Pultrex have also recently delivered

  • Pultrusion machine to the USA – air freight
  • Filament winding machine to Slovenia – sea and road
  • Pultrusion machines to France and Italy – sea and road

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