SheltAir Praise Pultruded Rods Manufactured by Pultrex

SheltAir is a pioneering pavilion that uses air filled cushions to rapidly erect elastic gridshells. The innovative design, developed by Gregory Quinn, has the potential to speed up the construction of large-span shells – promising groundbreaking changes to construction costs and efficiency. This could be of vital importance to the humanitarian sector where rapid deployment of shelters can save lives.

Using glass fibre pultrusion, Pultrex provided SheltAir with 600 Metres of 15mm FRP Rod. These were used to construct the SheltAir on display at the ANCB garden in Berlin, which Gregory informs us was a resounding success:

“I’ve finally managed to sit down after a busy and exciting week of construction and an opening party on the Friday. SheltAir was a big success!!! I can say that the Pultrex rods were amazing. The lengths were perfect – not one error! Many people at the opening were fascinated by the material and it’s qualities to the touch.”

Are you working on a groundbreaking project where precision engineering is essential? Get in touch with us here at Pultrex to find out how we can help your project realise its full potential.

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