Pultruded Channel Section

  • Pultruded Channel Section


    Here at Pultrex, we have the experience, skill and cutting edge machinery to deliver an extensive range of pultruded profiles, including pultruded channel sections. We can design and manufacture fibreglass pultruded channel section profiles to your exact specifications, here in the UK.

    Pultrex have been manufacturing machines and producing pultruded products since 1974 and have built an industry wide reputation for quality and dependability.

    From construction sections, such as space frames and roof trusses, to handrails and ladders, pultruded channel sections are suited to a range of applications. Fibreglass pultruded channel section profiles are a natural choice for a wide variety of composite profile applications as they exceed the performance of steel, boasting beneficial characteristics, such as high levels of strength, corrosion resistance, non-conductivity, durability, weather resistance and low maintenance.

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  • Available Products (Dimensions mm)

    •  20W x 14D x 3 Wallthickness
    • 25W x 14D x 3 Wallthickness
    • 38W x 24D x 3 Wallthickness
    • 43W x 37D x 3 Wallthickness
    • 51W x 10D x 5 Wallthickness
    • 82W x 28D x 3 Wallthickness
    • 85W x 30D x 5 and 3 Wallthickness
    • 87W x 30D x 5 and 3 Wallthickness
    • 100W x 40D x 5 Wallthickness
    • 150W x 50D x 6 Wallthickness
    • 200W x 60D x 8 Wallthickness

    Typical Applications and Uses

    • Gratings
    • Walkways
    • Roof Trusses
    • Cable Trays
    • Trunking
    • Ladders