iPul Profile

for composite materials

With production speeds of up to 3 m/min the new iPul solution revolutionises the production of profiles with injection box and polyurethane

If you want to be a part of a more than 5% in average growing worldwide pultrusion market in the past decade or even over 10% for some applications, we would be happy to cooperate with you.

Receiving the innovation award FSK in 2017, we are still enhancing the speed of pultrusion and setting new records. When long, thin profiles for windows or other applications in construction, automotive or wind energy are needed, surely it is time for the iPul Profile system. The iPul system with it’s die metering machine and accessories is capable of high production speeds of up to three meters per minute, aided by the innovative design of the die and the encapsulated iPul injection box. Close collaboration with material partners like Covestro, Huntsman and Evonik make it possible to process highly reactive matrix systems.

Pultrusion is the most cost-effective way of producing composites, simultaneously die investment costs are comparatively low. We support our customers in this process, all the way from component development and prototype creation through to volume or small batch production till after sales support.

Technical highlights of the iPul Profile system:

  • Complete iPul pultrusion lines for profiles with iBox or open bath solution
  • Design, manufacturing and testing of iBox and tool
  • Low-pressure metering machine for different matrix systems
  • Modular clamping system (parallel production of up to four profiles)
  • Integrated production system from one source
  • Joint development with material suppliers
  • Research & development trials in our research lab

Your benefits at a Glance:

  • High haul-off speed of up to 3m/min
  • Increased productivity and cost-efficiency
  • Versatile applications for various industries
  • Worldwide service organisation available
  • Hands-on trainings courses for operators and maintenance

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    Images: iPul Profile line