Laboratory Equipment

The Pultrex “GELTEX” resin reactivity analyser is a self-contained unit that determines, at any selected temperature, the reaction characteristics of thermosetting resins used in the Pultrusion process.

Results can be displayed in graphical or written forms when interfaced with a suitable computer and hard copies can be printed in either layout.

The analyser is primarily used to measure the reactivity of both incoming raw materials and the resin mixes that are used in the Pultrusion process; information that must form part of any well organised quality assurance system.

The data handling system is designed to produce printed resin formulation sheets for use in production, to monitor the temperature profile of the die and of the product as it progresses through the Pultrusion die.

The analyser can be supplied as either a basic unit or with additional features that allow it to perform as a  through die process monitoring data logger.

The unit is easily moved to any location as it contains a temperature controlled heated block and thus no external water bath is required. It is robustly constructed and can be used in the factory environment using a serial communications link to a computer. The computer can thus be remotely situated in a suitably safe site.

The basic Geltex Analyser package includes:

  • Comprehensive manual
  • Pultrex developed and proven software
  • Test tube heater block
  • State of the art temperature controller for the heater block
  • Low thermal mass temperature probe and monitor to determine the temperature rise that occurs during the polymerisation reaction.

Other Laboratory equipment such as:

  • Barcol hardness tester
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Laboratory oven
  • Fume cupboard
  • Precision weigh scales
  • Infra-red Thermometer
  • Brookfield Viscometer
  • Small lab shear mixer
  • Small diamond cut-off saw
  • Gas level detector for Styrene and Acetone
  • Tensiometer
  • Precision measuring equipment

Can be specified or supplied.

Laboratory Equipment