Pultrex join EU funded consortium – H2020 ambiliFibre

Check out the project website at – www.amblifibre.eu

The mission of ambliFibre is to develop and validate the first model-based laser-assisted tape winding system for the manufacture of tubular thermoplastic FRP parts.
The key elements being

  • Inline quality monitoring systems.
  • Easily manageable Human Machine Interface [HMI][/HMI].
  • Novel integral machine and process simulation models.
  • Innovative system-reconfiguration techniques to enable rapid product and material changeover.
  • Reliability & Maintainability [R&M][/R&M] model simulations
  • Life Cycle Cost [LCC][/LCC] and environmental assessments to ensure economic and environmentally friendly production.

Contact Ian Raymant for further information


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