Resin Mixing Equipment

Resin mixing requirements vary according to the scale and complexity of each pultrusion installation. Pultrex engineers can provide expert advice on equipment needs and supply quotations where appropriate.
The following is typical list of items required for a new, medium to large installation:

  • Resin mixing machine
  • Resin mixing machine stand
  • Resin mixing tanks
  • Industrial scales
  • Small scales
  • Catalyst dispenser
  • Small mixer
  • Filler bins
  • Resin trolley
  • Barrel lifter
  • Forklift barrel attachment
  • Manual barrel trolley
  • Barrel stands
  • Barrel taps
  • Small resin transfer trolleys
  • Resin transfer pumps and piping
  • Barrel bung remover
  • Acetone taps
  • Solvent recovery unit