Pultrex Presenting New Composite Application – Laser Assisted Tape Winding at CPVS 2017

As the market leaders in composite technology it is essential that we remain at the forefront when it comes to research and development.

This year we’ll be showcasing a conceptual Laser Assisted Tape Winding Machine that has the potential to replace fibre-reinforced plastic composites (FRP), have a positive impact on the global environment, and meet the demands of Multi Billion Euro composites industry.

Pultrex Technical Director Stephen Stiff, one of just 20 prestigious speakers at the Composite Pressure Vessel Symposium (CPVS) 2017, will be presenting the development of our Laser Assisted Tape Winding Machine – the culmination of a 3 year EU project to produce a conceptual machine capable of laser assisted tape winding for both continuous products such as pipes for the Oil and Gas Industry, and discontinuous parts including air tanks for vehicle braking systems.

Why is our Laser Assisted Tape Winding technology needed?

Worldwide there is a steadily increasing demand for components made of fibre-reinforced plastic composites (FRP) to be used for the manufacturing of a broad range of industrial goods. Tubular structures such as reverse osmosis vessels for seawater desalination, pipes for on- and offshore oil and gas pipelines, or high-pressure vessels – representing a total global market value of several billon € per year – constitute a major share of FRP components.

This major share is also driven by the need of the reduction of dependencies to energy imports by the European countries, especially during political crises. Current FRP production technologies cannot fulfil this demand, are harmful to the environment and cannot react fast enough to quick market changes.

 Laser Assisted Tape Winding technology could change that.

This new technology is more durable than FRP, it is recyclable, and it has a reduced carbon footprint due to less waste and lower emissions during manufacture.

Join us in Portugal!

CPVS 2017 promises delegates 3 days of presentations and networking, a prestigious list of 20 speakers, with over 100 industry leaders participating – representing more than 50 companies worldwide. The audience is restricted, but if you are attending, you can find out more about our project at the event at 13.45 on Tuesday 14th November.

If you can’t make it, stay posted as we’ll be sharing more information about this cutting edge composite technology after the event.

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