Pultrex Profile Range

Here at Pultrex, we offer a wide and varied range of pultruded and pullwound profiles to suit all needs. Our profile range includes solid rods and tubes in eighteen different sizes, twelve box sizes, eleven channel sizes, nine sizes of flat bars and two different angle profiles. Special pultruded profiles are also available such as our handrail profile and our corrugated kick plate. Pultrex’s trusted technology, excellent facilities and skilled members of staff mean that we have been able to develop a large range of products, which are all of optimum quality and reliability. We are also always open to developing new profiles. We have spent time researching and developing new profiles with existing profile users as well as with raw material suppliers.

Our range of profiles vary enormously in shape and size; from small and thin rods to large structural profiles. This broad range means that our profiles can be used in many different areas of construction and design. For example, large channel and box profiles are excellent as components in roof trusses. Pultruded profiles are also ideal for building hand rails, walkways and floor gratings when constructing bridges. Furthermore, channel profiles can be used in the design of cable trays, which house electrical cables within buildings, keeping cables neat, tidy and, more importantly, safe. Other products that can be made from our range of profiles include gates, security fencing, ladders, seating, bus parts and door frames. The sky is the limit with our profile range, and our profiles can be used in all manner of projects.

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