for use with pultrusion equipment

  • Pullwinding machines in conjunction with any standard Pultrusion machine provide a combination of conventional pultrusion and continuous filament winding.  This allows high volume production of thin wall, high strength F.R.P. hollow profiles.

    Pullwinding machines are uniquely flexible in allowing a range of tube constructions.  From simple 3 layer 00 / +wrap / 00 for very thin wall, high hoop strength tubes, to 9 Layers of construction:

    Veil/mat/00/+wrap/00/-wrap/00/mat/veil with various combinations between.

    The Pullwinder is complete with all the necessary equipment to start production including

    • Die and mandrel support
    • Resin impregnation system
    • Independent microprocessor control system

    This flexibility combined with precision digital control makes the Pultrex Pullwinder the number one choice.

    This self contained unit can be used in conjunction with any standard  Pultrusion Machine irrespective of manufacturer.

    The system is designed to wind hoop or angled fibres, at a constant wind pitch, between layers of unidirectional fibres.

    Resin is applied to the unidirectional fibres via bath type resin tanks in conjunction with standard Pultrex type dipper systems.

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