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  • Lean [Six Sigma Based] Quality Controlled Pultrusion At Pultrex

    It’s been six months since Pultrex joined forces with KraussMaffei, and among the many positive changes that are taking place is the continued improvement to processes in the production of pultruded profiles. The latest push in attaining the holy grail of zero defects comes in the form of Lean [Six Sigma based] manufacturing principles, brought […]

  • Pultruded profiles for railway signal cables

    Pultruded Sub-Surface Cable Management For Railways

    Using pultruded products for managing railway signal cables has the potential to save money, and maintenance time. Here are six reasons why pultruded cable management is being used in railway construction. It’s anti-theft – With this product, there is no incentive for opportunistic thieves to steal it because, unlike ferrous counterparts, it can’t be sold […]

  • Why Are Architects and Engineers Choosing Pultruded Windows?

    Why Are Architects and Engineers Choosing Pultruded Windows?

    Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) has been a material of choice for architects and engineers for over 40 years. Today however, it is catching the eye of a new generation who are focussed on eco-friendly building solutions without compromise of aesthetic appeal – and the applications for its use are growing. Composites in Building Design Mondial […]

  • Pultrex Join KraussMaffei Group

    Pultrex Join KraussMaffei Group

    KraussMaffei, the largest plastic machinery producer in the world, has signed a share purchase agreement with Pultrex. Pultrex will continue trading as normal, positioned as a stand-alone company in the worldwide KraussMaffei group. This move is an excellent opportunity for Pultrex to develop and grow business in both the plastics and composites industry, and assist […]

  • Pultrex Pultrusion Industrial Process News

    Composite Pultruded Profiles Set To Revolutionise Window Design

    In issue 682 of Industrial Process News, Pultrex has highlighted the reasons why recyclable, thermally efficient and lightweight composites are set to revolutionise window design. Read on to discover more! New thermal break regulations and triple glazing requirements are prompting architects, designers, and civil engineers to choose composite pultruded profiles over traditional aluminium and steel […]

  • Pultrex At JEC World 2019, Paris 12th – 14th March

    Pultrex will be at the leading international Composites Show – JEC, taking place on 12th– 14th March 2019, in Paris Nord Villepinte, France. Come along to meet Colin Leek and Michael Welham to chat about our eco-conscious pultruded profile capabilities and Pull Winding and Filament Winding Machines. You’ll be able to find us on booth D11 […]

  • Recycling In Pultrusion – Thermoplastics vs Thermoset Plastics

    Pultruded profiles made from thermoplastics have a big eco-advantage over their thermoset counterparts. They are made from a polymer that can be broken down and reformed multiple times without losing its structural integrity. Thermoplastic Pultrusion – the eco option for manufacture Fibre reinforced plastics are becoming the material of choice in a variety of industries […]

  • New Year – New Partnership With Park City

    New Year traditionally inspires us to improve our personal lives, but here at Pultrex it is an opportunity to push our vision as a company and improve our business. This year we are pleased to announce that as, of 2nd January, Park City are on-board as consultants for our HR Department, in addition to their existing […]

  • Pultrusion for Affordable Housing and Green Builds

    There is a new trend in the construction industry, and it has pultruded profiles at its heart. We take a look at the ways (and whys) architects and construction companies are turning to a material that has superpowers compared to its traditional counterparts. According to the European Pultrusion Technology Association (EPTA), there is an increase […]

  • 10 Reasons Why Pultrusion Is An Eco Option For Manufacturers

    Climate change and plastic pollution are hot topics right now, and the world is waking up to the need for change. Here are 10 reasons why pultrusion is an eco-option for manufacturers, and how advances in composite manufacture may enable a move towards greener energy systems overall. The pultrusion process requires far less heat input […]

  • Three-Year ambliFibre Project A Success

    The three-year ambliFibre Project, focussed on developing new technologies for an enhanced, automated and quality-assured production of tubular composite components, concluded on October 11, 2018 in a live demonstration of the Laser-Assisted Fibre-Reinforced Tape Winding process. The project has been hailed a success, and the technology and feasibility declared robust by the head of Research […]