Lean [Six Sigma Based] Quality Controlled Pultrusion At Pultrex

It’s been six months since Pultrex joined forces with KraussMaffei, and among the many positive changes that are taking place is the continued improvement to processes in the production of pultruded profiles.

The latest push in attaining the holy grail of zero defects comes in the form of Lean [Six Sigma based] manufacturing principles, brought to our Essex HQ by the KraussMaffei team.

This data-driven, fact-based improvement process involves every employee, delivers greater process control and culls anything that isn’t of value to the process. The result is a high level of standardisation that reduces defect events and therefore increases customer satisfaction, and, of course, delivers cost-effective manufacture.

“Completely new opportunities and applications will arise for us and our customers.”Colin Leek, Managing Director at Pultrex speaking about the benefits of being part of the KraussMaffei Group.

We firmly believe this continued commitment to improving the production of pultruded profiles will be of great benefit to our customers and clients whether they are looking to Pultrex for the manufacture of pultruded composites, or the supply of pultrusion machinery.

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