Composite Pultruded Profiles Set To Revolutionise Window Design

  1. Pultrex Pultrusion Industrial Process News

In issue 682 of Industrial Process News, Pultrex has highlighted the reasons why recyclable, thermally efficient and lightweight composites are set to
revolutionise window design. Read on to discover more!

New thermal break regulations and triple glazing requirements are prompting architects, designers, and civil engineers to choose composite pultruded profiles over traditional aluminium and steel window frames, internal stiffening bars, and thermal breaks.

Why Choose Pultruded Composites Over Steel And Aluminium?

Thermoset and thermoplastic pultruded profiles have a number of properties that make them the material of choice for a wide range of applications – lightweight and low maintenance for example. They are also recyclable, and even more importantly, thermally efficient. These properties combine to make them perfect for meeting new window regulations, and any planet-friendly regulations that dictate new design.

Pultruded composite lintels are good to -40°C, have outstanding thermal properties, and they get stronger as they get colder. Another bonus, especially for construction workers, is that composite lintels can be handled at low temperatures with just gloved hands, without fear of getting freezer burn.

Composite Windows For Carbon Footprint-Friendly Builds

Using composites for frames and internal stiffening bars also results in a huge weight-saving. Good news on the cost of transport, and the carbon footprint of a building project – but also on the risk of installation.

Pultrex have been the market leaders in composite technology for over 40 years. To find out more about composite technology for window frames, internal stiffening bars and thermal breaks, contact their composite experts on +44 (0) 1206 395 559.

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