Pultruded Sub-Surface Cable Management For Railways

  1. Pultruded profiles for railway signal cables

Using pultruded products for managing railway signal cables has the potential to save money, and maintenance time. Here are six reasons why pultruded cable management is being used in railway construction.

  1. It’s anti-theft – With this product, there is no incentive for opportunistic thieves to steal it because, unlike ferrous counterparts, it can’t be sold on. This means contractors can leave it sitting by the track without worry.


  1. It can be made up to 6m lengths Pultruded composites for cable management can be made in lengths of up to 6 metres meaning that large sections of track are quick to complete.


  1. It’s low maintenance Thermoset plastic is corrosion-resistant, resistant to soil acidity, and dimensionally stable, special properties that make it a low maintenance material.


  1. It’s got good insulating properties– Thermoset cable management systems do not soften and melt when exposed to heat.


  1. It’s lightweight – Pultruded profiles weigh less than other products on the market, and this weight saving makes it cheaper to transport and easier for engineers to install.


  1. It is better for the environment – Using pultruded product for sub-surface cable management can be better for the environment too as there is no risk of leaching toxins into the ground.


 Pultrex is the world leader in composite profile production, working with clients in the UK and worldwide to develop, manufacture, and supply pultruded profiles in a wide range of dimensions.


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