Pultrex Join KraussMaffei Group

  1. Pultrex Join KraussMaffei Group

KraussMaffei, the largest plastic machinery producer in the world, has signed a share purchase agreement with Pultrex.

Pultrex will continue trading as normal, positioned as a stand-alone company in the worldwide KraussMaffei group. This move is an excellent opportunity for Pultrex to develop and grow business in both the plastics and composites industry, and assist in KraussMaffei’s plans for machine sales in both Pultrusion and Filament winding.

“The range of use of pultruded profiles is extremely diverse and continues to grow. Thanks to the cooperation with KraussMaffei, completely new opportunities and applications will arise for us and our customers. Our partnership with the globally active technology leader, in particular the worldwide sales and service network, will be of great benefit to all our customers.”Colin Leek, Managing Director of Pultrex.

The Manningtree location of Pultrex will continue with profile production on the same scale and it will also become the KraussMaffei Competence Centre for the construction of pullers, filament winding and pullwinding systems.

This means that Pultrex expertise and experience can be used in the design of resin-impregnating bath systems for pultrusion, and also enable customers to test their prototypes on location.

The share purchase agreement was completed on 21stFebruary 2019.

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