Pultrusion Machine Heads To Japan

With a new Pultrusion Machine heading out to Japan for the first time in 10 years, we thought this would be the perfect time to recap why customers around the world choose Pultrex to manufacture their Pultrusion Machines.

What Makes Pultrex Pultrusion Machines Different?

  • Profile Clamping – Modular clamping system for maximum production flexibility. The even distribution of clamping force prevents both slippage and profile damage.
  • Speed Control and Stability – Stable speed control irrespective of pulling loads, plus total synchronisation of both platen speeds during gripper changeover.
  • Efficiency and Power Consumption – Highly efficient mechanical drive systems give more speed control and lower power usage compared to hydraulic systems which are inefficient, have poor speed control, and require cooling and noise reduction systems.
  • Machine Safety – Pultrex Pultrusion Machines have a totally enclosed complete drive system, totally enclosed saw blade, and restricted gripper clamping. Some of these features also ensure that abrasive particles don’t come into contact with moving parts, extending the lifetime of the machine considerably.

The pultrusion machine for our customer in Japan took us approximately 20 weeks to manufacture, and in total – when packed – weighs 10 tonnes. The machine will travel to its new home by airfreight.

If you are interested in how we ship our huge cargo to customers around the world, take a look at our article on Shipping Heavy Machinery Worldwide

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