Pultrex at JEC World 2018 – Paris Highlights

JEC World is the leading international composites show, and the biggest tradeshow for our industry in Europe. This year Rebecca de Winter, our Sales and Marketing Assistant headed to the show, these are some highlights of her visit.


What were Pultrex doing at JEC?

We were exhibiting our pultrusion and filament winding machines. As well as our Composite Parts.

Who did you meet?

As well as existing customers who had made an appointment to see us, we met new customers, and some very exciting research people.

Tell us more about the research!

We were discussing some interesting research and trials we are involved with, we really can’t say any more than that.

What was a personal highlight of your first JEC visit?

For me personally, it was to see some of our customers – who are producing with machinery purchased from Pultrex – being very busy. Also, the popularity of our brochures – we took our new brochures to give customers an overview of the Machinery Division and the Composite Division and actually ran out of the Composite Brochures half way! We also had great feedback on using our own re-usable cups – one person making an extra trip back to us to ask for another one to take home!

What new connections and opportunities arose from your trip to Paris?

All we can say at this time is that follow up emails have been sent, and we are in conversation with several existing and new customers, evaluating their individual needs. Of the companies that made contact, there were a large number from Russia, Mexico, and Japan, so it could be exciting times ahead as we continue to establish our global reach.


Missed us at the JEC? Head to CAMX in October 2018!

JEC World Paris took place at Villepint Exhibition Centre, Paris from 6th to 8th March 2018. Our next appearance at a trade show will be at CAMX, Texas, USA, which runs from October 16th until 18th, 2018 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Centre in Dallas, Texas.

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