Plastic Moulded Windows Vs Pultruded Windows

  1. pultuded profiles by pultrex

Our presence at the K-Show in Dusseldorf highlighted many manufacturers that remain unaware of the advantages of choosing pultrusion over other manufacturing techniques – especially in Fenestration. Here are the top reasons why window and door manufacturers should be looking to pultruded profiles.

  1. Pultruded profiles are lightweight making them cheaper to transport and install. Which is a huge advantage given the forthcoming move from double to triple glazing and the increased stringency in complying with the revised heat transfer legislation.
  2. The pultrusion process is efficient, our own machines run 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  3. The risk of defects can be largely eliminated given the tight process control techniques and stringent quality control measures employed during the manufacture of pultruded profiles.
  4. Pultruded profiles can be produced in vast lengths and in some cases coiled. Pultrex Pultrusion machines range in pulling force capacity from a small 3-tonne to a large 20-tonne.
  5. The profiles for windows and doors can be produced in a wide range of sizes, curved, and to a range of colours.
  6. The thermal properties of pultruded composites make it easy to meet the new thermal break regulations and triple glazing requirements. The material prevents thermal bridging, making it easier to meet the energy performance targets of a build.
  7. Pultruded profiles are weather and corrosion resistant, which means that windows and doors can be made to last a long time and require little maintenance.
  8. Thermoplastic pultruded windows and doors can be recycled at the end of their useful life. A key benefit in these ECO aware times.


Pultrusion is Cost Effective and Better for the Planet

These were all points that attracted visitors to our stand at the K-Show and started them thinking about pultrusion and how the process could be a better way forward for their businesses – not just in fenestration, but in automotive, aerospace, and communications too.

Ultimately, choosing pultruded profiles for window and door manufacture is a cost-effective, and an environmentally-aware option. Cost-effective due to speed of process and lower risk of defects and downtime. Eco-aware because of the thermal performance, longevity of product, and the recyclability.


To find out more about the benefits of pultruded composite profiles in construction, call Pultrex on 01206 395559.

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