Thermoplastic Pultrusion For University Education and Research

To further the advancement of thermoplastic engineering, Pultrex is looking to work with research institutes, universities and colleges around the world. The combination of over 40 years of composite knowledge, coupled with the bright and innovative minds of a new generation of young engineers, could be the key to the next big manufacturing breakthrough in a range of sectors including automotive, aerospace and defence.

Pultrex is at the forefront of thermoplastic engineering. Not only has the company developed pultrusion machinery capable of higher pulling speeds but it also collaborates with resin and glass/carbon fibre suppliers; there is a wealth of thermoplastic knowledge in the company and access to a dearth of data that can be shared with research students.

Added research and focus will improve fibre wet out and impregnation at higher pultrusion speeds, while reducing cycle times and product cost. This research will also contribute to increasing recyclability of thermoplastic pultruded profiles.

Cost-Effective Thermoplastic R&D

Pultrex is also part of the internationally renowned Krauss Maffei Group, world-leaders in injection moulding technology. Add all this up and it is clear Pultrex is able to deliver a cost-effective suite of products, services, technology, and knowledge to forward-thinking Schools of Engineering.

To find out more about what Pultrex can offer your university, college or educational establishment give us a call on 01206 395 559.

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