Pultruded Carbon Fibre Spar Cap for Wind Turbines

  1. pultruded wind turbine spar caps

To be truly eco-friendly, the technology that produces renewable energy has to be cost-effective to manufacture and install, efficient in its operation, and built to last. Pultrusion is the perfect process for meeting such high goals, and Pultrex is the leading manufacturer to deliver the service.

Here are five reasons why pultruded profiles make better spar caps for wind turbines, and why you should choose Pultrex for manufacturing wind turbine components.

  1. Pultruded profiles are lightweight but can withstand high loads.

Pultrex has experience in the manufacture of carbon fibre composite wind turbine blade components or spar caps. These are lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant and dimensionally stable.

  1. The pultrusion process is continuous, making it possible to manufacture huge lengths of profiles of a consistent high quality.

Pultrex operate a Pultrusion hall consisting of five pultrusion machines running 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The machines range in pulling force capacity from a small 1-tonne to a large 12-tonne.

  1. The high tensile nature of the pultrusion process reduces the occurrence of fibre undulations, and therefore increases efficiency and longevity of the wind turbine.

The highly automated continuous fibre laminating process produces high fibre volume profiles with a constant cross section – an ideal process for structural component production giving a high strength to weight ratio.

  1. The quality control in manufacturing pultruded profiles is incredibly high – as a result manufacturing defects can be eliminated almost entirely.

Pultrex aim for zero defect manufacture using Lean [Six Sigma based] manufacturing principles. The result is a high level of standardisation that reduces defect events, delivering cost-effective manufacture and increased customer satisfaction.

  1. The pultrusion process is fast. Less mould time means high productivity compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

Pultrex has been the market leader in composite technology for over 40 years, known for extensive research and development to stay at the cutting edge of the pultrusion industry.

Offshore Wind Turbines to Produce A Third of UK Power by 2030

The UK Government has agreed a deal that aims to increase the participation of UK businesses in the offshore wind industry from 48% to 60%. If the Offshore Wind Sector Deal continues as planned, this could mean that by 2030 the offshore wind industry will be worth a predicted £30bn per year.

To discuss choosing Pultrex for the manufacture of spar caps for wind turbines, contact our team on 01206 395 559.







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