Composite Hydrogen Tanks – New Technology For Eco Automotive Solutions

  1. Composite Hydrogen Tanks for Cars

October 2018 saw the successful conclusion of the EU ambliFibre Project, a collaboration between Pultrex and a select group of industry experts focussed on developing Laser Assisted Tape Winding technologies for the production of superior quality tubular composite components.

The production method and the products themselves are ideal for eco-aware applications, and looking to the future of a cleaner, greener automotive industry, the manufacture of tanks for hydrogen powered cars.

Benefits of Laser Assisted Tape Winding For Hydrogen Powered Cars 

Laser Assisted Tape Winding uses revolutionary laser technology to improve process control, and during its lifecycle it produces fewer emissions than traditional machines. There is less waste produced in the manufacture of products on the machine.

The use of thermoplastic impregnated tape makes tanks:

      • Strong
      • Lightweight
      • Recyclable

Revolutionary laser technology and closed loop control systems ensures tanks:

      • Are reliably manufactured with superior levels of quality control
      • Produce less waste in their manufacture

The eco-credentials and high performance of Laser Assisted Tape Winding has the potential to revolutionise the eco automotive industry in its pursuit of ever-greener production methods and low carbon performance. To find out more about how such high performing tanks and pipes are produced you can watch the live demonstration filed for the project: ambliFibre Laser-Assisted Fibre-Reinforced Tape Winding video, or get in touch with one of the team at Pultrex HQ.


Toyota Mirai image by yino 19700 CC0 – one of just a few car models powered by hydrogen.

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