Composites – Ideal For Cold Weather Construction Projects

As the cold weather hits the UK, we have been contemplating the fact that life below zero is a reality for many folks in the most northerly parts of the UK, and indeed for people the world over.

To live comfortably in a colder climate high performance clothing and shelter with excellent thermal properties are required. While we aren’t known for manufacturing outdoor clothing, we are known for creating pultruded profiles for the construction industry that are thermally efficient, and can make a real difference to the thermal properties of a building.

Composite Thermal Breaks

Pultruded composite lintels – made with glass fibre rovings and mats coated with resins on a pultrusion machine – are good to -40 deg C, have outstanding thermal properties compared to their traditional steel counterparts, and they get stronger as they get colder.

Another bonus, especially for construction workers, is that composite lintels can be handled at low temperatures with just gloved hands, without fear of getting freezer burn.

Composite Windows Profiles and Electrical Trunking

It’s not just lintels that benefit from composite technology. We have also manufactured thermally superior window profiles and electrical trunking – which has an added fire retardant characteristic.

There are many benefits to choosing composite manufacture over traditional steel and aluminium products – improved strength, lightweight, corrosion resistant to name just a few. To find out more about how composite technology could benefit your construction project call us on 01206 395 559.


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