Pultrex Q&A In May Edition of Composites in Manufacturing

Turn to page 34 in The April/May 2018 edition of Composites in Manufacturing and you’ll find a three-page article about the latest trends, demands, and challenges in the global pultrusion, pull winding, and filament winding industry – according to Pultrex. Here are some highlights from the article!

Industry 4.0 (i4.0)

Pultrex has been providing data from the machine to external systems for quite some time. Our machines Siemens controls will be part of an integrated solution for industry 4.0 and the data will be accessible from the control.


Pultrex machines integrate with external equipment, enabling us to improve production processes for our customers. The great thing is that we can normally integrate to existing equipment, regardless of make – the customer does not need to have previously purchased Pultrex equipment. We have integrated with loading and unloading systems, laser projection systems, enabled section removals for applications of shrink tape, and fitted probe systems for accurate positioning of winds.

Products and applications that stand out

Integrating with SAP systems to record data. This system can be developed to meet the diverse needs of your customers, such as the production of manufacturing traceability reports, which are printed upon completion of the wind to be used as part of a traveller system.


We have been involved in the development of clean filament winding, and are currently active in the EU funded Amblifibre Project for the development of an adaptive laser placement winding system.

The biggest challenge in the composite industry for 2018

The unknowns of Brexit combined with the protectionist approach of some countries will lead to challenges in the purchase of raw materials and components. To remain competitive Pultrex are committed and ready to adapt our designs and technology.

If you would like to read more but haven’t got this issue of Composites in Manufacturing, don’t worry, you can view the full article online, page 34!

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