Guide to Pultrusion Machines

The complete guide to pultrusion machines and materials – Find out everything you need to know

You have probably heard of pultrusion machines before. In fact, it is likely that you have used pultruded materials for a range of applications. But you may be wondering what this type of product is all about and how it can be beneficial to your needs specifically. This is why we have put together this post to attempt to provide just a few details. Keep reading to find out more about the pultrusion process and the advantages associated with it.

What is the pultrusion process?

  1. It begins with glass fibre reinforcements being inserted and threaded into a series of guidance devices
  2. Polyester resin is then used to coat the glass fibre reinforcement strands and any mats
  3. The glass fibre strands and mats are guided via feeder plates, aligning each strand correctly in a die. This ensures a thorough and effective glass coating
  4. The mats, fibres and resin are then pulled through a heated die
  5. The profile is then grabbed and pulled by an alternating or “hand over hand” pulling mechanism
  6. Finally, the profile is cut to the required length, by a saw that matches and follows the production speed
Pultrusion Process Diagram - How The Pultrusion Process Works

Pultrusion Process Diagram – How The Pultrusion Process Works

 What are the benefits of pultruded materials?

  • Pultruded materials are exceptionally strong and lightweight whilst retaining exceptional robust and durable properties. This benefits ease of storage and transportation
  • Another advantage of pultruded materials is that they can be produced in many different sizes and colours. Provided the required product is of a uniform cross section then many different shapes and forms are possible
  • Last but not least is price. You will find pultruded materials can provide far more cost effective alternatives for many modern applications
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