iPul Rebar

Composite rebar is a more durable, high performance lightweight solution for concrete. With production speeds of 10 m/min in two lines, with a total output of about 2.700km per year the new iPul Rebar system offers entirely new business opportunities.

The market for composite rebar is growing firmly with double digit rate in the past 10 years. Standards and vast number of pilot projects opened the industry after decades of testing and development of engineering guidelines. Today, the prognosis for the next decade looks identically optimistic.

In the iPul Rebar system, glass-fiber rovings run through the closed injection box (iBox), where they are impregnated with the matrix material and then formed in the heated die. Unlike conventional profile pultrusion, the formed UD rod leaves the die whilst the matrix material is still liquid. Diagonal wrapping then follows, with additional rovings, which are also “wetted” with resin. Only then does the rebar harden. Either wound on drums or cut into defined lengths, it is now ready for further processing. Evaluating different top established technologies of surface texture, as different sand coatings, helical grooved or helical wraps and measuring the force strength level, KraussMaffei and Pultrex developed own helical rib solution, benchmarking leading companies and corresponding with settled global construction standards. Compared with another rebar manufacturing technology, the new technology saves material and cost – due to innovations as well at the area of the chemistry as in the manufacturing process.

Composite rebars ultimate advantages over steel rebars:

  • Longer service live properties
  • Absolute corrosion & alkaline resistance
  • Superior tensile strength & lightweight
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Non-magnetic & non-conductive
  • Very-high chemical resistance
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Easier machinability
  • Lighter for transport & installation
  • Cost effective

iPul Rebar – Your benefits at a Glance:

  • Revolutionary production speeds of up to 10 m/min
  • Constant product high quality and lower emissions due to closed iBox
  • Online process parameter control and documentation
  • Cleaner production and low waste
  • Minimal maintenance effort
  • Industrialised, material and cost saving solution
  • Attractive business plan

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    Images: Construction projects, Rebar profiles, Rebar line