Pultruded Spar Caps – A Wise Choice for US Wind Power Investors

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With Joe Biden’s proposition of investing more than $380bn in the clean energy sector, it is a crucial time for US energy companies, engineers, architects, investors, and manufacturers to source the right products to meet ambitious carbon reduction targets. Could pultruded profiles be the answer? We think so…

As well as providing cleaner energy, renewable energy technology needs to be cost-effective to manufacture and install, efficient in it’s operation and built to last. When it comes to wind power, pultrusion meets those lofty goals easily, especially when it utilises the cutting edge technology of the world’s leading manufacturer of  pultrusion machinery.


5 Reasons Why Pultruded Profiles Make Better Spar Caps

  1. Manufacture huge lengths of profiles with consistent high quality
  2. Pultrusion is fast – less mould time equals higher productivity
  3. Pultruded profiles are corrosion resistant increasing longevity of product
  4. Produces a high tensile lightweight product increasing efficiency, and load bearing capabilities
  5. Outstanding quality control of Pultrex Machines means almost zero chance of manufacture defects


Wind power industries in the US have been warning urgent investment is needed in wind technology to bring low cost energy in from remote regions to where it is needed. Without it, the US renewables sector will fall way behind in it’s potential to meet carbon reduction goals, and Joe Biden’s goal for the US to achieve a carbon-free electricity grid by 2035. Ambitious when you consider only a fifth of US electricity came from renewable sources last year.

Wind power is now one of the cheapest sources of new electricity generation for a large proportion of the world’s population, but for the US to join the UK, Europe and other countries already committed to clean energy it also requires a huge investment in infrastructure.


Composite Rebar for Infrastructure Upgrades

As well as using the power of pultrusion for manufacturing wind turbine spar caps, the technology can be used to manufacture composite rebar for use in infrastructure upgrades needed to get the energy to the people. Pultruded rebar is a longer lasting and more sustainable alternative to structural steel.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Highly durable
  • No electrical conductivity
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Easier handling and transport

Discover more about how pultruded rebar can cut the cost of corrosion in construction.


More Than 300 Pultrex Pultrusion Machines Have Been Installed Worldwide

Pultrex, part of the renowned Krauss Maffei group, is the market leader in pultrusion technology, producing machines that have a well-proven track record for production, reliability and performance, with many features not found in competitor’s machines. For more information contact the team on 01206 395559.








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