Pullwound Products

using composite materials

  • The manufacture of Fibre Reinforced Plastic tubes using a combination of the Pultrusion and Filament winding processes to place the reinforcing fibres in tubular shaped profiles. Used mainly for the production of thin walled tubes or tubes requiring high hoop strength. Note: not suitable for internal pressure ratings.

    Pultrex Pullwinding machines are uniquely flexible in allowing a range of tube constructions.  From simple 3 layer 00 / +wrap / 00 for very thin wall, high hoop strength tubes, to 9 Layers of construction: Veil/mat/00/+wrap/00/-wrap/00/mat/veil with various combinations between.

    This self contained unit can be used in conjunction with any standard  Pultrusion Machine irrespective of manufacturer

  • Pullwound Products