Low Carbon Engineering For Offshore Wind Investors

The UK Government is making £160 million available to invest in renewables, with eyes firmly set on offshore wind. For energy companies, engineers and architects this is a pivotal moment to make a big impact on low carbon electricity generation, from the design of pultruded carbon fibre composite spar caps to the use of composite rebar in infrastructure upgrades.

The money is available for a wide range of improvements: the construction of the offshore wind farms, the cabling and transmission to connect offshore wind farms to local onshore electricity grids and neighbouring markets for export, and upgrades to ports and infrastructure in Northern England, Scotland and Wales to facilitate the capabilities of future projects.

So where does Pultrex come into the story?

Pultrex is a world-class leader in pultrusion technology, with a firm focus on supporting low carbon manufacturing through engineering excellence, process control, and reduction of defect events. Their cutting edge technology is also able to make superior spar caps for offshore wind farms.

• Pultruded profiles are lightweight but can withstand high loads.
• Huge lengths of profiles can be made to a consistent high quality.
• Pultrex pultrusion machines can operate 24 hours a day, every day.
• The high tensile nature of the process reduces the occurrence of fibre undulations – resulting in increased efficiency and longevity of the wind turbine.
• High quality control means that defect events can be almost entirely eliminated.
• The high speed process of pultrusion yields a high rate of productivity.

Pultrex’s Pultrusion Machines have a well-proven track record for production, reliability and performance, and they have many features not found in competitor’s machines. The mechanical drive system is one such example – delivering high precision speed control and low power usage, with less noise and no need for additional cooling. The enclosed drive system also ensures long life and low maintenance of the Pultrusion machine, which is ultimately kinder on the environment which the renewables sector is seeking to protect in it’s pledge to increase offshore wind power.

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