Green Light for Offshore Windfarm in USA – will low carbon engineering make the cut?

  1. Pultruded Spar Caps US Offshore Windfarm Image by Tho-Ge CC0

If renewable energy is to make a real difference in the face of a climate crisis – the technology behind the power also needs to meet some important eco targets: Energy efficient manufacture with reduced downtime and minimised waste; cost-effective transportation and installation; durable end products requiring minimal maintenance; and of course precision engineered parts that ensure efficient operation.

The pultrusion process hits these lofty goals easily, making it a prime choice for low carbon engineering whether it is for spar caps for the wind turbines, or rebar for the infrastructure upgrades that go with constructing an offshore windfarm.

In the first large-scale offshore wind project of its kind in the US, 84 turbines will be erected off the coast of Massachusetts. It is expected that the windfarm will be capable of generating enough energy to power almost half a million homes and businesses. This is big news for a country that has so far fallen behind in decarbonisation plans, and hopefully just the first of a number of projects that will make the most of the power available off the vast US coastline.

Pultrusion – A Low Carbon Engineering Solution

  • Requires less heat than steel or aluminium manufacture
  • Needs less water for cooling
  • Produces less waste
  • Requires less energy compared to steel or aluminium
  • Fewer pollutants such as CO2, toxins, and fumes are produced
  • “clean pultrusion” process is known as an environmentally friendly process
  • Pultruded profiles weigh less so require less energy to transport
  • Pultrusion produces components that are corrosion resistant, stand up to severe weather and wide temperature changes, increasing the useful life compared to other materials


Pultrex supports low carbon manufacturing through engineering excellence, process control, and reduction of defect events

  • Pultrex Pultrusion Machines can manufacture huge lengths made to consistent high quality
  • Machines are able to operate 24/7
  • High quality control means defect events can be almost entirely eliminated
  • High speed process equals high rate of productivity
  • High tensile process reduces fibre undulations resulting in increased longevity and efficiency of wind turbines

Construction for the Massachusetts project is expected to commence this year and be generating power by 2024. Other projects up for consideration include two windfarms off the coast of New York.

To find out more about how the world-class pultrusion machines made by Pultrex, part of the Krauss Maffei Group, can help achieve decarbonisation goals in US offshore windfarms call the team on +44(0)1206 395559.

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