Farewell 2020! Here’s To 2021 and What To Expect At The Cutting Edge of Composites Manufacture

What a turbulent year it has been for us all. While we know many continue to struggle with the uncertainties of 2020 and beyond, we believe that it is a poignant time to reflect on the positives of the year and look towards a brighter future.

Pultrex started the year with eyes set on Thermoplastic Pultrusion For University and Education Research Thermoplastic Pultrusion For University and Education Research. It’s not just the advanced technology behind Pultrex’s pultrusion machinery that makes us one of the leading companies for R&D, it is our connections too. Pultrex collaborates with resin and glass/carbon fibre suppliers, and has access to a wealth of data on thermoplastic production that can be shared with research students.

February saw Pultrex announce a decision to increase stocks of raw materials for Pultruded Profiles Pultruded Profiles manufacture. The driving force behind this move was to offer customers peace of mind with the uncertainties of Brexit. This announcement meant fabricators, engineers, and architects had a new option for sourcing high quality profiles without a gap in supply, and at prices in line with 2019, to make things a little easier.

Given that what was to unfold over the coming months, this proved a wise decision – it meant we were still able to deliver what was expected during the pandemic; and heading into 2021 (with who knows what kind of Brexit deal) with a well-stocked supply of profiles and raw materials to be able to continue to offer stock without a gap in supply.

Just before the UK lockdown, we were getting excited about the fruits of our union with Krauss Maffei, and the ability to offer composite rebar composite rebar. Both Pultrex and Krauss Maffei were to appear at JEC Paris to showcase the iPUL Rebar Pultrusion Line, equipment offering higher efficiency, lower costs, and better quality than traditional composite rebar manufacture.

And that is right where we picked up after lockdown number one. While we don’t know when trade shows and conferences will resume, we have learned that even in the darkest of times we have been able to adapt, show resilience, and been able to carry on delivering world-class products and services.


“Along with many other businesses in the UK, March 24th saw the profile pultrusion operation go into lockdown, not returning until the middle of May.

During this time we are pleased to say that our customers remained supportive and we were able to provide a skeleton crew to despatch stocked product to our customers considered key by the Government guidelines. Activity within the machinery side of the business also continued, affected only by a few minor supply chain delays. 

During the lockdown Pultrex also saw a slight shift in customer base. Customers who were previously buying product from outside of the UK sought to secure supply from producers closer to home, a change that appeared to be in motion regardless of concerns about the current, or indeed future pandemics.  

Although we are not quite out the other side yet, Pultrex are proud of the Covid secure measures that were introduced and remain grateful to our workforce for maintaining a proactive role and assisting in ensuring guidelines & rules are obeyed. Indeed this business appears to be strengthening as we begin to emerge from this Covid situation.

So, as 2020 draws to a close we are thankful our business survived and we have been able to continue, unlike so many companies that have been less fortunate. Upon reflection I would say the difficulties of this year have brought the Pultrex team closer and promoted a unified approach – vital strengths required in overcoming the operational difficulties Covid has thrown at us.” Managing Director, Ian Raymant.


Pultrex is looking ahead to 2021 with optimism. More than ever our aim is to continue to be the market leaders in composite technology, providing product and machinery for architects, engineers, designers and manufacturers in a wide range of industries.  Whether your project requires spar caps for wind turbines, composite rebar, glazing technology, composite tanks, sub-surface cable management, radomes, masts… we look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully meeting with you in the New Year, whatever it brings.

Wishing You a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.


Pultrex will be closed from 24th December 2020 until 04th January 2021

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