Can Pultruded Rebar Cut the Cost of Corrosion in Construction?

Reinforced concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. It is has high compressive and tensile strength, so is great for load bearing and for construction in places where vibration, high winds or earthquake might be problematic for other materials.

It comes with one big weakness though – the steel that is used to reinforce the concrete.

Although traditional rebar is considered relatively low maintenance, the truth is that there are environmental factors that cause degradation of the steel, resulting in premature structure failures that can cost lives as well as money.

The biggest culprits are chemicals such as chlorides and carbon dioxide which penetrate the concrete. These chemicals, in conjunction with the alkalinity of the concrete pore water, remove the protective oxide layer on the steel and begin eroding the bars. The resulting rust is much more voluminous than the original bars, which causes greater pressure on the structure. Cracking, delamination and spalling naturally follow.


Non-Corrosive FRP Rebar is the solution to this problem.

Pultruded rebar is the sustainable alternative to structural steel. It is:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Highly durable
  • No electrical conductivity
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Easier handling and transport

It is also the faster way to non-corrosive construction. The Pultrex iPul Rebar Pultrusion Line allows for production speeds of up to 10m/mins, and the cutting edge engineering of the pultrusion machine ensures high product quality, lower defect events and therefore even more cost effective production. It even promotes a more pleasant working environment thanks to the closed iBox which reduces odour levels.


How the Pultrex iPul Rebar Pultrusion Line works

  • Safe and easy fibre guidance
  • Precise metering of resin
  • Clean infiltration of glass fibres within closed ibox
  • Winding of twisted yarn onto bar surface
  • Kicks start for chemical reaction via infra red booster
  • Accurate reaction speed control via modular heating zones
  • Controlled cooling for best product performance
  • Accurate production speed via caterpillar
  • Cutting of rebar to required length
  • Collecting of finished rebars ready for use


More than 300 pultrex systems have been installed worldwide, will yours be the next one?

Call the team on 01206 395559 for more information.




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